Nominate a Child at Wish Upon A Dream, Isle of Man

Wish Upon A Dream is an Isle of Man registered charity, it was launched in mid 2007 with the granting of the first wish and its primary role is to grant wishes for sick and terminally ill children living on the island.

The charity is completely independent, it has no connection to any other charity of a similar name or nature either on the Isle of Man or the UK. Funds raised by the charity are solely for children living on the Isle of Man.

Without sponsoring, annual pledges or donations it would not be possible to grant wishes, therefore the support from corporate bodies and individuals is vital.

Sadly, there may be occasions when time will be against us in making a dream wish come true, so it really is important that funds are always available.

No one on the board or connected to the charity receives a salary or expenses and all give their time and expertise free of charge.

Below is a list of our main sponsors.